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Vintage Fashion Photography
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Hello and welcome to bygonefashion!
This community is dedicated to posting vintage fashion photography, sort of like foto_decadent, but...VINTAGE. So if you enjoy pretty fashions that are making a reaccurance in today's high fashion magazines, or you just like the aesthetics of vintage photography, this looks like the place for you!

What Types of Photos can you Post here?
**We are looking for fashion photos taken preferrably 1970's and earlier (because Vogue and Vanity fair and other mags have been around a long time). They can be entire sets or individual photos (multiple photos in a post are preferred). You may post pictures of classic celebrities as it is a fact that many of them modeled for fashion magazines at some point or were often featured in magazines. However, please make sure they portray actual fashion. Close-ups and facial shots are acceptible as long as the display some type of fashion, are artistic, and/or show off a particular photographer's work (use your best judgment about what you think is appropriate).

**Please do not post last month's Vogue issue shoots here. Though today's fashion spreads are beautiful, that's not what we are looking for, and there are other communities more suited for that.

**If it is possible, please include the name of the model, the photographer and the magazine and/or book you found these in. It might be helpful to other members who are interested in that information.

**Please only put one picture outside of an lj-cut. if it is too large, put the whole post behind a cut. if you are not sure how to use an lj-cut, please see the LJ FAQ up on your LJ toolbar.

**Do not promote other communities here, please, they will be deleted.

**Do not flame members or spam this community, you will be removed and banned.

**This is not a community for you to post your own photos of yourself dressed up in vintage fashion. Please only post published and/or professional, ACTUAL vintage photos.

**DO NOT HOTLINK THE PHOTOS HERE. Hotlinking means you copy and paste photos directly from a website or from someone's photo hosting site. It uses bandwidth and pisses people off, and you're left with ugly squares where pretty pictures used to be. For a better definition of hotlinking and why it sucks, click HERE

**Please do not make separate posts asking for requests of a certain person or photographer's work to be posted. If you have questions, please leave them in a comment pertaining to a person's previous post.

**Please try your best to refrain from posting pictures with giant watermarks on them (i.e. from Corbis, ebay, getty images, etc. While it is completely fine to post images from these sites, watermarks are nasty and they ruin the picture).

**Please do not post videos here. Illustrations//photographs only.

**The mods have the right to delete any post that does not comply with the rules.

Other Info
This community was created by themurcurytree. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment at my LJ (please dont spam it though!)

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